Tree Shaping

Tree shaping involves training and pruning young trees so that they grow to have a specific shape or form. Tree shaping can be done for aesthetic purposes, such as creating topiaries or intricate designs, or functional reasons, such as ensuring proper clearance for power lines or improving the tree’s health.

One of the most popular tree shaping techniques is called espalier. It involves training a tree to grow flat against a wall or fence by selectively pruning and tying branches in place. Espaliered trees not only look beautiful but also take up less space, making them ideal for small gardens.

Another technique used in tree shaping is pleaching, which involves weaving several trees together to create a living fence or hedge. Pleached trees require regular maintenance and pruning to maintain their shape and density, but they can add privacy and beauty to any landscape. Overall, if you want your trees to look their best while serving their purpose on your property properly, hiring a professional tree service company like C&S Tree Service that specializes in tree shaping is worth considering.

Man is cutting trees in the park professional gardener in a uniform cuts bushes with clippers

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