Stump Grinding

Grinding of stumps involves the use of specialized equipment to remove the stump and its roots from the ground. The process helps in preventing regrowth and eliminates any potential hazards that may be caused by leaving a stump on your property.

Stump grinding can be challenging, especially for homeowners who attempt to do it themselves without proper knowledge and experience. Our tree service experts understand how to operate grinding equipment safely, ensuring that no damage occurs to surrounding structures or landscaping features.

At times, after removing a tree, you may opt not to grind down the stump right away. In such cases, several issues may arise, including new shoots sprouting from the leftover trunk, decay that could spread into other trees or plants nearby and pests attracted by rotting wood. Thus, it’s always advisable to hire a reputable tree service company like C&S Tree Service that offers stump grinding services as part of their services.

Machine grinding stump left after tree removal

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